This year, April 26 marks the 20th anniversary the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) first institutionalized the World Intellectual Property Day.

Intellectual property rights include, in particular, copyright, patent and trademark rights, the misuse of which leads to considerable losses for brand owners. As the valuable digital touchpoints continue to multiply, the number of potential threats is increasing steadily. Cybercriminals are given more opportunities for fraud than ever before – from counterfeiting to domain abuse and cybersquatting.

This unmanageable, abusive use of trademarks means that intellectual property is increasingly threatened. The deceptions of cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated and do not stop at the corona crisis. Not only the number of corona-related domain names used for distribution of malware is increasing, even registries are being copied these days to deceive consumers and companies. This unscrupulousness is also reflected in the numbers of UDRP cases, which were at a record high in 2019.

Measures to protect against cybercrime

LEMARIT has been operating successfully on this terrain full of threatening deceptions for more than 18 years. Since we define tailor-made brand monitoring and brand protection strategies for our customers. In addition to developing an optimal domain portfolio and monitoring brand usage on the web, LEMARIT also takes further sophisticated security measures to protect against cybercrime. These include multi-factor authentication for all online access, e-mail certificates to ensure authenticity, additional authorization tokens for critical DNS changes, and a restricted group of authorized contacts.

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Fight piracy and counterfeiting together

To protect intellectual property and in the fight against fraudsters, LEMARIT has also been supporting the German Anti-Counterfeiting Association (APM) for many years. At the international level, we are continuing our commitment at the International Trademark Association (INTA). As a sponsor and member, LEMARIT does not only carry out information activities at events, but also strongly supports legal framework conditions that ensure effective protection against any kind of piracy and counterfeiting.