Corporate Domain Management

Register and protect your brand’s most relevant domains

Based on strategic decisions, LEMARIT helps you choose the right domains to get the best digital posture and grow your business.

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Strategy from A to WWW

Without any strategic approach, brand owners have little to no control over brand-related activities in the digital world. In this dynamic and supposedly unmanageable environment, an individually optimized domain portfolio is fundamental for controlling your brand. Domain names have always been one of the most essential assets, needed to build a wide and result-oriented digital presence.

The appropriate choice of domain names is essential for your brand to be perceived consistently and found on the web at all times, while ongoing domain management is crucial for the continuous operation of your digital services. This task is usually spread between IT, marketing, and legal, often even out of the company headquarters. With the increase of the domain portfolio, multiple regulations, and cyber threats development, in-house management might become a burden.

We will help you achieve your goals with a tailor-made domain portfolio, take over the management workloads and take care of the technical setup and security. Our responsibility is to keep your domains compliant, secure, and performing. Our professional team will become your trusted company extension, ready to assist you 24/7. LEMARIT is giving you the benefit to centralize all your domain names in a single point of contact. With 20 years of experience, we stand to help you solve your domain challenges.

Domain Registrar

Select the most suitable domains for your needs

Protect your digital brands proactively and achieve your business goals with the right choice of domains as developed in your domain strategy.

What we offer

   Domain advisory and management

   Domain portfolio consolidation

   24/7 support

Domain Registrar

We cover the whole registration lifecycle

As an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, LEMARIT is a one-stop shop for every domain service you need – incl. registration, maintenance and renewals.

What we offer

   All TLDs available

   Automated renewals

   Compliance and security

Domain Recovery

Recover your lost domains – step by step

We consider it our responsibility to help you acquire all parts of your optimal domain portfolio that have already been registered by third parties.

What we offer

   Cost-efficient domain recovery

   Advisory on arbitration procedures

   Cooperation with specialist lawyers


Rely on us every step of the way

   20+ years industry experience

   Industry leader in Germany

   24/7 personalized support

   ICANN-accredited registrar

   Customer-centric approach

   300+ happy customers

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