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We help you to get hands on the domains you want. Our professional team will assess the case and handle the recovery procedure for you, recommending the most suitable strategy.

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The domain market is a competitive space, working according to the principle “First come, first served”. It is not uncommon for brand owners to find themselves in the situation where third parties have already registered their desired domain. This applies not only to brand names, but also to generic terms for marketing purposes. Lack of control or knowledge may result in not being able to use the domain that may be the most suitable fit to represent the brand in the online space.

Beyond that, certain domain names are also on the radar of cybercriminals. For their own benefit, of course. Depending on the initial situation, there are different procedures to get the desired domains into your organization’s hands.

How we do it

LEMARIT takes a unique customer-centric approach focused on financial efficiency and velocity. We consider every domain individually and provide a plan based on your brand’s strategy, usage needs, and urgency.



Our professional team helps to select and examine the domain to determine the possible options for acquisition: registration, enforcement or negotiations with third parties. Based on the findings you receive a detailed report with the best ways to success.

Strategic plan

Based on our experience we calculate a reasonable domain value and investigate the ownership if registration is not possible. We provide budget and time estimations, as well as alternative solutions.




We handle all the deal details and transfer requirements. LEMARIT secures the domain to avoid fraud or cybercriminal risks. You receive the domain in your portfolio ready to use.


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