Digital Threats

Digital fraud

Let’s face it: Can you rule out the possibility of fraudulent copycats sending phishing emails in your name? LEMARIT provides multiple layers of protection and helps implementing the right solutions to reduce risk of digital fraud.

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How digital touchpoints put your brand at risk

The advantages of the digital world are obvious: strong interaction capabilities of digital touchpoints, increased brand traffic and the associated customer loyalty. However, the holistic management of brands with the aim of making the perception of your company in the environment of digital channels as brand-compliant as possible can be a balancing act.

Digital media give brand owners the ability to deliver more and more relevant information to their customers – which at the same time calls cybercriminals to misuse these opportunities. To prevent loss of sales and brand damage, businesses need to protect their digital assets and manage their risk.

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LEMARIT helps you to build your tailor-made brand protection strategy

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