Brand Protection Strategy

Protect your brand equity and customer satisfaction

Without any strategic approach, brand owners have little to no control over brand-related activities in the digital world. Take the steps needed and stop cybercriminals from abusing your brand.

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The cost of your customers’ trust

You know best how much time and funds you have invested in your brand to take it all the way where it is today. In the competitive world of today, only one wrong interaction leaving your customer with a negative feeling can be enough to compromise the trust in you. Cybercriminals consider a successful and well established brand a perfect target. Thousands of scam websites divert traffic and mislead potential customers, which in the end is the biggest damage at your expense.

LEMARIT will help you assess your brand assets, value, and the risks. Together we will outline a sequence of actions needed to reduce the risks for you and your customers. Once we secure your digital brand assets, we can complement your optimized domain portfolio by monitoring your brand for online infringements. This includes the main digital channels in all possible locations around the world, such as domain names, website content, social media, marketplaces, and the like.

The active monitoring is giving you the capability to react immediately or even proactively before an active violation occurs. If necessary, we advise the best solution and lead the enforcement procedure for you.

Our roadmap

Step-by-step guide to protect, control, and manage your digital brands


Analysis and evaluation

Nothing is more individual than your own brand. In the first step, we therefore take a look at your brand world, take stock and evaluate the current situation.

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Concept and strategy

We determine the scope for the optimal domain portfolio, define complementary measures, and establish internal and external guidelines.

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Implementation and execution

In cooperation with you, we implement the defined strategy and pursue the goal of a controlled, protected and centrally managed brand.

Reduce the risks

Maintenance and monitoring

The online world is dynamic, and so is your domain portfolio. We maintain your strategy and keep an eye on your brand, not only within domain names but also in web content.

Monitor across all channels

Fight and control

Brand protection is not a bottomless pit, but it does require constant supervision and – if necessary – the enforcement of legal measures.

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