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LEMARIT will be your eyes and ears in the digital space, constantly monitoring for unauthorized usage of your most valuable brand assets. We determine violations and help you avoid potential company damage or loss.

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The online space is an ocean of registered domain names, websites and other digital assets. But do you know what activities exactly are circulating in the digital world in the name of your company, your products or your brand? Can you rule out the possibility of fraudulent copycats sending phishing emails in your name or product pirates using your brand to trade in counterfeit goods?

In the seemingly anonymous digital world of the Internet, with multiple channels like websites, social media, and e-commerce platforms, brand owners are faced with the supposedly insurmountable task of protecting their brand from misuse.

The expertise of our experienced professionals and latest technology will enable you to learn where and how your brand's name, logo, product elements, or even a copy of your whole website are being used for abusive purposes. We will assess the individual case for you, inform you about the risks and together optimize your protection plan. Our goal is to stop the misuse before an objective damage occurs, but also to prevent similar cases in the future.


Brand Domain Monitoring

Continuously identify new domain registrations – as an ideal complement for domains outside the optimal domain portfolio.

Complement your portfolio

Domain Monitoring

Domain Monitoring

Identification of new domain registrations containing your trademark, even as a typo or in word combinations. No matter if registered by you or a third party.

Change Watch

Change Watch

Find any change on relevant domains, including changes due to suddenly set up mail service, new website linking, or additional nameserver entries.

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