Helping brands
to protect their assets.

Our Mission

We focus on helping our customers expand their business impact and growth with a maximum of personal support. Our mission is to place the customer’s needs and challenges first. With LEMARIT, our clients actively mitigate domain abuse, product piracy, and trademark infringements and can successfully prevent sales losses and image damage in the long term.


Our Story


Inspired by impressions from innovative and digitally forward-looking Scandinavia, Martin and Thomas Küchenthal founded today’s LEMARIT GmbH on February 28, 2002.

Since then, hardly any technological process has developed as rapidly as digitization. LEMARIT was a witness to the leaps from HTML websites to cloud-based applications as well as to the emergence of today’s omnipresent digital touchpoints.

Throughout this time, LEMARIT has kept pace, always keeping the essential in mind: Your needs to protect your digital brands.


Rely on us every step of the way

   20+ years industry experience

   Industry leader in Germany

   24/7 personalized support

   ICANN-accredited registrar

   Customer-centric approach

   300+ happy customers