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While digital security threats continue to evolve, LEMARIT helps employing the right solutions to reduce risk of phishing, hijacking, and the like.

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With the increased usage of digital services, the number of online crimes rises. Criminals see more and more opportunities to benefit from well-developed and established brands. Thus both company and product domain names, as well as company DNS, have been objects of frequent cyber attacks. In most cases they are closely related to corporate websites, email, and external customer services. Cybercriminals know that this is the front desk of every business and essential for online presence and commerce.

LEMARIT’s mission is to provide, build and execute digital security measures and reduce the risk of criminal attacks to your domain activities.

Did you know that the number of phishing attacks doubled to reach over 500 million in 2022?


Digital certificates

From HTTP to HTTPS: Grant your website authenticity and build a trustful relationship with your visitors. HTTPS has become an industry standard in terms of security and some web clients may negatively flag or even block web pages without SSL certificate.

We provide an automated SSL renewal, which will save you the effort to remember an endless list of expiry dates.

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