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The more successful your brand, the more appetizing it gets for cybercriminals. LEMARIT helps you control your brand and avoid losing revenue.

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Almost every modern enterprise business considers digital as the most successful and profitable channel. You are one click away from your customers, present valid information only and close a sale within minutes. The variety of digital channels, flexibility of the online environment, and the high-volume traffic give cybercriminals a lot of potential to create an online presence which is suitable to damage your business.

Concurrently, the number of websites, online marketplaces and social media channels is steadily increasing, which gives cybercriminals even more opportunities for fraud – from counterfeiting to domain abuse and cybersquatting. LEMARIT assists you with the supposedly unsolvable task of protecting your brand from abuse and develops a tailor-made brand monitoring and brand protection strategy.

We examine every business with a personalized approach and analyze the infringement potential. Equipped with the latest digital tools our analyst help you find out if your brand is being put at risk online, assess it and propose the optimum solution to address it. You are provided with a global coverage, without limitation of the locations you are operating. Our professionals will advise you on cost-effective and useful options, and we will handle the enforcement procedure for you.


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