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How many can say they own a corner of the web?

Powerful brands stand out and are more likely chosen by consumers. Brand managers are seeking for opportunities to strengthen their brands – especially in digital media. How relevant are domain names 35 years after the very first commercial domain name has been registered? More than ever. A domain name is your clients’ touch point to your company, to your products, to your brand.

A dotBRAND is a top-level domain (TLD), using the brand name to the right of the dot. While today’s marketers are facing increasing challenges, a dotBRAND provides you with incredible flexibility, empowering customers to connect directly and securely to your brand. By owning a dotBRAND, your organization controls the entire name space – and thereby an entire branded corner of the web. This gives you the possibility to run and use any domain name you like, and provides a springboard to add more innovation, creativity, and security into your domain name and marketing strategy.

In contrast to domain names, you cannot just register a TLD and use it. You have to apply during certain windows of opportunity. While 563 of major global brands did apply in the first and only application round back in 2012, the next round has never been closer and is yet to come.

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