Earlier this month (November 1 to November 4, 2022) the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) organized a three-day summit in Los Angeles. The Contracted Parties Summit (CPS), earlier known as GDD Industry Summit, was focused on providing the contracted parties an opportunity to engage and address issues of mutual interest. The event gathered a lot of legal, marketing and IT professionals, domain enthusiasts, brand and trademark professionals from all over the world.

The LEMARIT team took part in the meeting in LA with its professional team. The company was represented by Martin Kuechenthal (CEO and Founder), Zornitsa Kuechenthal (Senior Project Lead, dotBRAND), and Neli Marcheva (Senior Product Manager, Registry Services). Our team shared their experience for the summit.

“Like always, it was a productive time spent with colleagues and friends, talking about the future of dotBRAND top-level domains (TLDs). We had some great meetings with customers, focused on our new TLD Registry System.”

LEMARIT CEO Martin Küchenthal

The focus of our partners’ meetings was one of our latest products – The Domain Registry System. This versatile and totally customizable solution was developed to fit any need and host your TLDs. The management through the system is easy and adapts to the customer’s needs.

Neli Marcheva, Martin Küchenthal and Zornitsa Küchenthal

Another highlight of the event was the “dotBRAND TLDs – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” session. Martin Küchenthal participated as a panelist and shared some knowledge and examples of how some of the biggest and more recognizable brands in Germany are taking advantage of their dotBRANDs. He also shared that there is a huge potential for dotBRAND users and every company, which wants to be an online pioneer, should consider applying when ICANN announces the second registration round.

Another key topic, which was an object of discussion, was the “Whois Disclosure System (SSAD light)” and the next steps forward. The main idea behind the system is to provide access to nonpublic registration data, related to generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

DNS abuse once again was a hot topic for the participants of CPS. The panelists shared what are the biggest challenges and threats related to DNS abuse. More and more users and especially companies become a victim of phishing and social engineering through DNS. Most of those exploits happen based on a lack of personnel knowledge and bad DNS/TLD strategy. Part of the discussion also was about the Registry/Registrar DNS abuse pain points, related to the mitigation of the DNS abuse.

A variety of challenges, like Universal Acceptance (UA), RA/RAA Amendment to add RDAP, Policy Work updates, RSP migration were also a point of discussion during the week in Los Angeles.

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