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LEMARIT is one of only two RSP located in Germany. The ICANN compliant and approved Registry System is, to date, used by dotBRAND Top-Level Domains (TLD), and capable of supporting all types of TLDs.

The brand protection and corporate domain management specialist LEMARIT is pleased to announce that it is now also a Registry Service Provider (RSP). An RSP provides the technical infrastructure required to operate a TLD. The LEMARIT Registry Service fulfils all the stability, security and evaluation criteria of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The LEMARIT Registry System operates in ISO 27001 certified data centres located in Germany. As such users of the LEMARIT Registry Service benefit from a system that only stores data in a country that meets high data privacy standards like GDPR.

The LEMARIT Registry System is a result of joined efforts of the entire LEMARIT team, from software engineering to ICANN specialists to create a strong and secure system that is tailor made to the needs of European TLDs. LEMARIT is already serving a couple of TLDs from the ICANN 2012 round and it is ready to take an active part in the upcoming second application round.

Founded in 2002, LEMARIT is a well-connected specialist in digital brand protection and corporate domain management. We are serving businesses and brands with a fully customer centric approach. As an active partner we represent the interests of our clients in various ICANN working groups, like the Registry- or Registrar Stakeholder Group and are not afraid of going new ways. We are accredited ICANN registrar, compliant Registry Service Provider, and member of various institutions such as INTA and eco . We are representing our customers’ needs in the Brand Registry Group (BRG), an association of companies working together to champion the use of brand top-level domains.

Find more information about the LEMARIT Registry System here lemaritregistry.com